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We Make Digital Beautiful

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Social Media Marketing, What?

Social Media is everything. With 3.78 Billion social media users (accounting for 48% of the worldwide population), a daily average spent of 2.5 hours, 54% of these using social media to research products, and 71% who had a positive brand experience on social media are likely to recommend it to a friend or family member, we can conclude that it is the fastest, most reliable way to reach the target audience.

At OMS, we make sure to implement the best social media marketing strategy for you that would bring in leads in the most organic way possible. Reaching out to the client should be as easy as watching a story or stalking an account and OMS is here to make that happen.

OMS Process

How do we create your tailor-made strategy?
Follow our steps

  • Client Brief

    Time to understand what your end goal is.

    First of all, we make sure to understand what are you looking to achieve behind your digital activities. 

    Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Generate more leads and sales? Grow your audience? Increase engagement?

    OMS Process Client Brief
  • Market Research

    With 10 years experience in digital marketing, there’s no better starting point for competitive and customer analysis..

    OMS Research team enables you to understand potential customers behavior and  competitor performance on social media and Google from multiple angles and data points.

    OMS team will assess and optimize your online strategy with rich data points you can track across Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the latest and most accurate technological tools.

    OMS Process Market Research
  • Strategy Settings

    We aim to employ advanced digital marketing technologies in order to achieve higher effectiveness, higher efficiency (lower cost per action)  and stronger more strategic brand positioning.

    Through an integrated marketing approach that combines our full understanding of your digital activities, your touchpoints, and success so far- leveraged on our data management  practices and effective data-utilization technologies.

    When it comes to setting objectives. We recommend strategic marketing planning through SMART goals work best because they cover every important aspect of a successful marketing goal:

    Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant within Time Bound 


    OMS Process Strategy Settings
  • OMS Creative Approach

    CRAFT (Impactful Creative) + SCIENCE (Intelligent Distribution)

    The brains of your marketing strategy and the core of why people will choose you rather than your competitor. The content strategy needs to be tailored-based to your audience, business, geographical location, mediums and many other factors depending on the industry you work in.

    Some things we focus on at OMS would be sticking to content themes, following calendars, posting stories and time-sensitive posts, and creating videos.

    OMS Process OMS Creative Approach
  • The Communication

    Respond to your client,
    This is where OMS tracks everything: we make sure to be very timely in terms of reposting, answering reviews, focusing on replying to direct messages and comments and having a social customer care to cater all your end-user needs.

    OMS Process The Communication

Why Us?

Experience : We have been operating for over 10 years in the Arab World, especially the GCC region. We are familiar with the rules and regulations, different beliefs and mentalities and have a thing for making sure everyone is happy.

Dedication : We make sure to follow milestones together, meet deadlines, and track the strategy and tweak it when needed. We work closely with you on making sure we are delivering what you have been looking for.

Realistic and Guaranteed Results : We don’t do the rocket to the sky talk. We give you the realistic approximate numbers to reach and guarantee the results for you.

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